Friday, April 9, 2010

Week two Day 5 in New Delhi

Hi there,

I've just returned from a three day procedure at another hospital. A pretty stressful three days spent in bed. 250 Million (yes a quarter of a billion) stem cells were injected into my back via an epidural catheter.

The aim is to retard the degenerative process associated with MND. Retardation hopefully will be achieved by using the right antibiotics (Ceftriaxone), injesting good quantities vitamin E to neutralise 'free radicals' and using Creatine to promote muscle growth. The stem cells will hopefully regenerate damaged motor neurons.

I am curretly on high protein diet to ensure sufficient energy is available for stem cell growth.

I am feeling slightly stronger but no immediate gains experienced just yet. Time out this weekend, we might visit the National Art Gallery if my energy levels are up for it.

They are really pumping the stem cells into me on this tour, which is good, even if the needles are a bit of a drag. Please stay tuned for more updates love Michael


  1. Hi Michael,

    Great to be able to check your blog and find out how you're going. Although it's clearly quite an arduous process, I hope you'll get some positive improvements. It must be quite an experience just being in India and also an opportunity to spend time with John. It would really be wonderful if you get some recovery of movement. I guess you are 'blazing the trail' for many who will try this treatment in the future and hopefully some records are also being kept to help improve it's effectiveness. During Pip's many years of living with cancer she once said to me that she felt there was no such thing as 'false hope'. She felt hope itself had such a positive effect on her that it could never be a bad thing. Thinking of you and look forward to another great chat some time after you get back - be great if it can be in person next time, but every time I come to Bunbury it seems you are away!

    Big hugs Michael,
    Love Jodie

  2. Hey Michael and John
    Hope you are both well and Michael that you are feeling stronger every day and John hope you are keeping out of trouble.
    Missing you Michael
    love STacey and Nick

  3. Hey Buddy,

    Looks like something has been changed in the settings and we can now leave comments!

    Did you get my comment on Facebook re the Thymus gland?

    I just want to say thanks for including me in this are touching so many lives.

    Thinking of you often,

    with Love, Simon