Sunday, June 6, 2010

6 weeks after India - 7/06/2010

Hi folks,
Unfortunately in a very short space of time my MND has worsened. Since India my ability to walk has declined, left leg has gotten very weak. The second trip to India was not as successful as the trip last year. However, I think that I have had some slight improvements ie. breathing and neck strength have had a small improvement.

For now I am putting a further trip on hold, will wait until later in the year and assess then whether its worthwhile. Also please no need for any further donations, in case I don't go back to India.

One weird improvement, which I will take! My grey hair has darkened to its natural colour making me appear years younger! Makes me wonder what other good things could be going on inside? Have stuck to my gluten-free diet as well as taking supplements, thankfully my appetite is as good as ever.

Now in the process of getting as much home support as possible, be it through home carers and or specialty equipment. Spirits are high and enjoying life.
Love and Peace, Michael.