Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Final Day in New Delhi 27th April 2010

Hi all,

Last day in New Delhi.....Fly out tonight. Just like to thank Dr Shroff, Dr Ashish and Dr Sudeep, all the staff here in Nu-tech especially Jyoti, Gaurav, Neeti, Ajo and Joan.

Good luck to all the patients we have met here.....Remember if you think and stay positive the rest will come.........

Love and Peace


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week four Day 4 in India

Hi Guys and Girls

Not long now and John & I will be home.....This last week was very busy with procedures last Wednesday and Friday in theater.....loads of stem cells...... These procedures were complemented with many, many, many injections (IM &IV) and drips......I have not noticed any major improvements however breathing and stamina are good.

There was a security alert in New Delhi from the US and Oz authorties this week and a few explosions at the Cricket in Mumbai.....avoid all markets and public squares...........They will have fun at the Commonwealth games to be held here in October.....

I will have an exit interview with the Doctors on Monday which will help with some future decisions. Then it's bye bye to our friends here on Tuesday Night. I will continue to update this site when I return to Perth to keep everyone informed.

Love and Peace


Monday, April 19, 2010

Week three Day 7 in India

Hi everyone

I have not had any procedures or operations in the last seven (7) day; however IM & IV injections have been more prolific - normally we have two (2) injections per day, yesterday I had eight (8).

Since the three (3) day procedure last week, I have noticed two improvements; my breathing is stronger and I have slight extra strength in my neck..... I can measure my breath strength daily with a simple metering device........

For those who don't know, I was here last year for 6 weeks.....The main benefit I got was approximately 10% improvement in my throat, especially my ability to swallow food and drink.

Only eight (8) days to go....and hopefully a few more procedures before we leave with lots of stem cells.

Hottest April in New Delhi in fifty years........average well over 40 degrees Celsius every day

Love and peace


Friday, April 9, 2010

Week two Day 5 in New Delhi

Hi there,

I've just returned from a three day procedure at another hospital. A pretty stressful three days spent in bed. 250 Million (yes a quarter of a billion) stem cells were injected into my back via an epidural catheter.

The aim is to retard the degenerative process associated with MND. Retardation hopefully will be achieved by using the right antibiotics (Ceftriaxone), injesting good quantities vitamin E to neutralise 'free radicals' and using Creatine to promote muscle growth. The stem cells will hopefully regenerate damaged motor neurons.

I am curretly on high protein diet to ensure sufficient energy is available for stem cell growth.

I am feeling slightly stronger but no immediate gains experienced just yet. Time out this weekend, we might visit the National Art Gallery if my energy levels are up for it.

They are really pumping the stem cells into me on this tour, which is good, even if the needles are a bit of a drag. Please stay tuned for more updates love Michael

Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 2 Day one in India

Hi there,

Easter is just over; and we had a community gathering last night for Sunday Dinner. So many stories of accidents and injuries; many spinal cases and other unusual diseases, including blindness.

I have put on a kilo of weight in one week....this is a good thing...eating a lot of protein foods to ensure the Stem Cells have nourishment and for me to pursue the physio twice daily.

I'm starting to exercise more frequently and trying to walk every day.....did I mention the heat ....40 deg Celsius. I had a cut-throat shave for $2.50 Aussie. Prescription glasses are also a bargain at less than half the price. The average daily earning for a tuk-tuk driver is $5.00 per day.....

Tomorrow going across town for another operating procedure under the knife....basically they are working their way up the spine with lots of injections of Stem Cells.....

On a daily basis I get up to six local injections in various parts of my anatomy and this can be painful because there is not a lot of muscle in some places.

Will write again after the next op........ ciao for now.......... love Michael