Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week four Day 4 in India

Hi Guys and Girls

Not long now and John & I will be home.....This last week was very busy with procedures last Wednesday and Friday in theater.....loads of stem cells...... These procedures were complemented with many, many, many injections (IM &IV) and drips......I have not noticed any major improvements however breathing and stamina are good.

There was a security alert in New Delhi from the US and Oz authorties this week and a few explosions at the Cricket in Mumbai.....avoid all markets and public squares...........They will have fun at the Commonwealth games to be held here in October.....

I will have an exit interview with the Doctors on Monday which will help with some future decisions. Then it's bye bye to our friends here on Tuesday Night. I will continue to update this site when I return to Perth to keep everyone informed.

Love and Peace


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  1. Hey Michael
    Glad the most was made from your last week and glad there are some improvements with your breathing and stamina. Other improvements may just be a bit slower, give it time.
    Sounds like you may be leaving there in good timing with security issues happening.
    Let me know when you are back in Bunbury and i will come over and see you.
    Safe trip home to you and John and will see you real soon.
    love and light
    Stacey and Nick