Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 2 Day one in India

Hi there,

Easter is just over; and we had a community gathering last night for Sunday Dinner. So many stories of accidents and injuries; many spinal cases and other unusual diseases, including blindness.

I have put on a kilo of weight in one week....this is a good thing...eating a lot of protein foods to ensure the Stem Cells have nourishment and for me to pursue the physio twice daily.

I'm starting to exercise more frequently and trying to walk every day.....did I mention the heat ....40 deg Celsius. I had a cut-throat shave for $2.50 Aussie. Prescription glasses are also a bargain at less than half the price. The average daily earning for a tuk-tuk driver is $5.00 per day.....

Tomorrow going across town for another operating procedure under the knife....basically they are working their way up the spine with lots of injections of Stem Cells.....

On a daily basis I get up to six local injections in various parts of my anatomy and this can be painful because there is not a lot of muscle in some places.

Will write again after the next op........ ciao for now.......... love Michael

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