Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week One: Day 2 in New Delhi India

Hi Guys,

Well John and I arrived safely in New Delhi and within hours I started the treatment which includes loads of physiotherapy; intense physio has been excellent feeling much improved from that alone.

On the previous trip there was lots of testing and base-lining; this time we are straight into it. Tomorrow I have a procedure in theatre, eppidural in lower spine. Not looking forward to op. but definately the results. This should take only 3-4 hours.

Weather here is 39 Deg celcius and its the beginning of Spring!

Some good news for patients; one lady here is doing her utmost to try and ensure stem cells will be available in Oz in the near future. Lots of legal and political wrangling still ahead with both the Indian and Australian officials.

Major efforts are afoot to clean up New Delhi for the Commonwealth Games; just like they did in Sydney for the Olympics and Freo for the America's Cup.

Many of the same patients are here from my last trip so the company is great. That's all for now; please stay tuned and I will write again very soon.

Hooroo for now Love Michael

Sunday, March 21, 2010

1 Week to go, 2nd trip to New Delhi

Hi folks,,, finally I have a blog site ! Just in time for my 2nd trip to India (29/3), for stemcell treatment.

The idea of this blog is to let you know what I'm up to, both here and in India, with regards to trying to overcome Motor Neuron Disease (MND) ... and to have some fun ! Please don't be shy and 'post' something when you can.

Thanks to the generosity of all my family, friends & communities, this trip has been fully funded & paid for. I thank you all.

Last trip my son Dylan accompanied me for 6 weeks in New Delhi, thanks Dylan for all the care, patience and good company. This trip my brother, John, is travelling with me for the 4 week trip. He is armed with a movie camera so look out Bollywood here comes Jac & Bing !

More coming soon ...